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Physician 360 - What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is FSA and HSA eligible, less than or equal to cost of a typical urgent care visit copay!

​Physician 360 telemedicine services are remote online consultations by video with a board-certified doctor in your state. The consultations include prescriptions if the doctor determines that is the best course of treatment.

Instant Digital

Ear Thermometer


Talk to the medical provider in minutes! 


Telemedicine consultations reduce the cost of common doctor visits.


Meet with your medical provider online or through your smartphone.

Why is telemedicine better than going to a doctor?

Telemedicine consultations allow Physician 360 patients to get quick service from wherever they are, even from the comfort of their own home. At a cost of $25.00-$49.95, Physician 360 telemedicine consultations are typically much more affordable than an in-person doctor’s visit at an Urgent Care or Minute Clinic. 

How do I use the service?

Buy a telemedicine consultation package online or at your local pharmacy and follow the instructions.


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